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Project History
Evolution: The Video Game
North Star Games
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Evolution: The Video Game is a digital adaptation of the board game, Evolution. Players create species, evolve by utilizing 17 different traits and attempt to survive in an ever-changing environment, all while trying to stave off Carnivores and starvation. The video game includes a full Single Player mode, including campaign against different AI personalities, and Multiplayer with Skill-Based Matchmaking and Custom Modes to play with your friends, both real time and asynchronous.

  • Oversaw all development, setting coding standards and working with other developers to get the most out of their particular skills.

  • Interfaced with all facets of the team, including design, art, audio, VFX, UI/UX, testing.

  • Architected the internal systems of the game, including core logic, animations, AI, campaign, and multiplayer.

  • Utilized Unity3D, PlayFab, and Photon.

  • Managed the build pipeline for the game on all platforms.

Measure! Everything!
Math Talk
Download on the App Store

The best way for young children to learn math is through hands-on fun! Measure! Everything! uses augmented reality (AR) technology that brings 3D animals and objects to life in their homes, backyards, or wherever they are! Just pick a favorite animal or object—from pandas to dinosaurs to apples and so much more—and line them up to measure anything and everything around you. Or, take your whole family on an exciting guided “math adventure” and explore the math around your house or in your neighborhood—earning rewards along the way!

  • Contracted to work on user management, progression, inventory, and other data related features with the game.

  • Utilized Unity3D, PlayFab.

Real-time Networked Multiplayer VR Training Simulator
Avatar Partners, Inc

Developed for the Navy Security Forces, this VR application evaluated trainees on the standards and protocols for approaching active shooter scenarios. Due to security restrictions, the entire application was built to work on LAN with no external internet available. The application is cross-platform utilizing Meta Quest 3 for VR Players and PC for Host, Observers, and External Support.

  • Built using Unity and Netcode for Game Objects.

  • Focused on UI, Networking, Data Management.

  • Maintain bug fixes.

Pier Pressure
Pier Pressure
Booz Allen Hamilton

Pier Pressure is a multi-part app featuring a role-playing game true to the “Navy experience.” Players go through the life of a naval officer working through the ranks of the U.S. Navy while still having fun at night with your friends. The game is coupled with resources to help Sailors practice responsible drinking behaviors in real life.

  • Replaced developer that left after initial release to continue the life cycle of the app.

  • Added new features to the day phase of the game.

  • Added levels to the night life shufflepuck game.

  • Maintain bug fixes.

The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

PlantManager, which was called VCEPlantManager when I worked on it, is a four-tier C# application that models all of the equipment within a refinery, and runs complex calculations for reliability and inspection data for when shutdowns occur. You can learn more about the software in it's current iteration here

  • Junior Developer that worked on the project during its initial development.

  • Worked on converting the Java code from previous application to C# that was the foundation for the architecture being developed.

  • Helped write a wrapper to connect the Manager C# code to an unmanaged Fortran DLL.

  • Maintain bug fixes.

Real-time Networked Multiplayer Educational VR Experience

Students can connect instantly to a VR classroom in which a teacher and other students interact with an immersive lesson plan, set in a location that wouldn't be feasible to visit in the real world. 


Each participant has access to real-time, 3D spatial voice chat, allowing for natural communication, in addition to fully-networked interactions within the virtual space such as pointing, waving, and manipulating objects. A narrated audio track helps inform students as they move through the lesson, providing educational content in addition to that provided by networked instructors.

VR Public Service Announcement Application

The client wanted a number of Public Service Announcement experiences that were built in VR. They show a number of scenes where the player can interact in the VR environment and see the outcome of their actions. All of these experience showcase students in real-life situations and plays out this situation to a specific point. Once the situation reaches a tipping point, the player is asked whether they should intervene in the situation or allow the situation to play out. What then unfolds is the consequences of either doing the right thing or letting the other characters make their bad choices. It utilizes Unity and VRTK to generate these experiences.


Andrew Eiche, Project Manager

"Jeffrey is a fantastic developer with a sharp mind for tackling complex technical issues. His work ethic and ability to consistently deliver results were inspiring. It was a pleasure having him on the team!"

Brianna Woodward, Art Director

"I truly enjoyed working with Jeff over the last several years. His ability to rapidly implement UI and designs per spec without a loss of quality goes beyond expectation every time. He's a hard worker and a team player and I would be thrilled to work with him any time."

Jesse Comb, Senior Developer

"Jeff excels as a lead developer. Aside from being an skilled programmer, he has a knack for architecting systems. He effectively communicates that architecture, as well as coding standards, to other members of the development team. I would not hesitate to work with him on another complex project."

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